Thursday, May 1, 2014

With this Dress, I thee Wed..

Fashion for celebrity designer Kym Stylz is all about making power moves. What better power move for KymCouture Kollection than to join the Bridal Design Genre. Happy to do so Kym was commissioned by Celebrity Medical Caregiver Connie Chong.  After pulling off a feat like going clear across the states internationally into Canada and finishing her collection during Canada Fashion Week, of course  she came back connected with Connie and made magic happen by finishing the wedding dress at the wedding 3 min before 4:20 at the exact moment Connie was expected to walk down the aisle. Connie was so happy with the dress she cried, which is just the reaction a designer wants from their very first bride. Congratulations on your wedding Connie and thank you for allowing KymCouture Kollection to play a big part in your magical day.

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