Friday, November 21, 2014

Socks & Heels this Winter

Lets not knock this look to fast before we try it. I think it's a great way to get a wear in on those cute heels you bought over summer! Here's some great visual of stylish sock and heel looks!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Fashion Industry Inside (Ode to Business Planning)

Selling retail apparel, including clothing, accessories and footwear, is a multibillion-dollar industry. If you’re thinking of opening a clothing store, an eye for fashion and a desire to sell your own designs or offer a variety of name-brand apparel are just the start. You also need to analyze the industry to find out if the potential for selling apparel, footwear and all the goodies that go with it is a solid, moneymaking idea.


A number of large, well-branded retailers make up a chunk of the apparel market, but many smaller businesses, such as boutique and niche apparel stores, are part of the market, too. The larger apparel retailers have an advantage over smaller shops since they get better pricing from suppliers because they buy such large quantities of apparel. That means their profit margin is greater and they can offer better retail pricing to their customers. Smaller apparel retailers make up for the high pricing they pay for wholesale retail apparel by selling certain types and styles of clothing rather than offering everything for everyone like many larger apparel stores.


One of the major trends affecting the retail apparel industry is the increase in people who like shopping for apparel on the Internet from the comfort of their home rather than shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Emerging technology such as mobile applications are changing the way retailers do business. For instance, NRF Stores reports that customers who use mobile devices to buy spend eight times more than people who only shop in a store. Other mobile trends include creating mobile point-of-sale applications to make it easier to buy and offer services such as virtual fitting rooms. Another trend is the use of customer data to figure out what your customers want. A way for small retailers to get this information is to use social media to learn what their customers want.


Staying on top of the latest styles of clothing, footwear and accessories is key to attracting apparel-hungry shoppers. Otherwise you end up with too much inventory, or worse yet, your branding suffers. Another challenge is the abundance of retail apparel shops on the Internet since these may lure local shoppers, causing you to lose revenue. On top of the Internet threat, building and operating a physical location is a costly endeavor. If money is a big concern, counteract these costs by solely selling apparel via the Internet and eliminate the need for a costly storefront and staff.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Las Vegas Delano hotel displays Organic Fashion Exhibit

Collection Features Styles By Pratt Institute Students Displayed Throughout Lobby on Ralph Pucci’s Iconic Mannequins Through Nov. 24 


For a limited time, a collection of unique woven pieces ranging from elegant sheaths and sweaters to artfully crafted crocheted scarves and headpieces will be displayed throughout the lobby of Delano Las Vegas. Each design flanks one of the hotel’s iconic draped white linen columns, offering a unique visual for guests and passersby.  

Credited with revolutionizing the mannequin industry in the 1970s by breaking away from traditional rigid forms, Pucci is renowned for his high-end sculpture, lighting and furniture company based in New York City and is a trustee of the esteemed Pratt Institute.

Among the diverse works from ORGANIC MATTER showcased at Delano Las Vegas are:
  • A large-gauge knit tee made of panty hose and a knit skirt with leather suspenders
  • A crocheted coat featuring a stuffed-dog doll collar
  • A caged sphere head piece and skirt with a crocheted bodysuit

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Fashion Staples

Lace is never seasonal, lace is a year round type of fabric! Combined with leather, suede and denim and woo lauh you have a trendy fall outfit.

1. Classic Trench
2. Chambray Shirt
3. Structured Carry-All
4. Perfect leggings
5. Suede Booties

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wedding Blues by KymCouture Kollection

Supportive Sister of the bride in wedding blues by KymCouture Kollection

Beautiful Blues and Flower Girl dresses by KymCouture Kollection.

Kym seemed very happy to be on hand during the wedding to make any quick alterations to the bridal party! Overall Kym was very happyto close out her second wedding this year!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Michelle Obama and Anna Wintour hold first ever Fashion Workshop at the White House

Mrs. Obama said that while the guests — from Parsons The New School for Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology and elsewhere — were lucky to be there, they weren't unique, and success in the highly-competitive industry takes not only clout but determination.

The FLOTUS, who was wearing a dress designed by Fashion Institute of Technology student Natalya Koval, addressed a crowd of young fashion students and reminded them that any idea takes time and risk. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fashion and the Economy

A "paradigm shift" in how Americans perceive conspicuous luxury means consumers will be less likely to spend hundreds of dollars on trendy items that will go out of fashion after a season, Danziger said.

Still, others may view the practice of seasonally casting off the latest cheap styles as wasteful in this more ecologically conscious, and value-driven world.

The key is in these times: How do you present innovation, value, relevance, even good citizenship? All these things are going on which are reasons to get people to get out of their houses, to get into stores and buy more things to put on their backs.

Furthermore, in a cruel twist, fickle fashion whimsy will demand that wallets be opened wider this fall. It's the time of year that "in" designer styles combat the chill by celebrating rich, luxurious fabrics and tailoring that costs more, not less.

Women may have gotten used to recycling their warm-weather looks from past seasons -- spring and summer fashion has not changed that much, after all -- but come fall, as hemlines drop and pant-legs get wider, a shopping trip may be required.

Credit: Angela Sage, Reuters

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trendy Mii TV site Launch Success

 Kiera Renae ( wearing KymCouture Kollection) interviewing Actress Antonique Smith.

Kiera Renae is making huge moves in the entertainment industry! Recently she has Re launched her Trendy Mii TV show and we are so excited!