Monday, October 6, 2014

Fashion and the Economy

A "paradigm shift" in how Americans perceive conspicuous luxury means consumers will be less likely to spend hundreds of dollars on trendy items that will go out of fashion after a season, Danziger said.

Still, others may view the practice of seasonally casting off the latest cheap styles as wasteful in this more ecologically conscious, and value-driven world.

The key is in these times: How do you present innovation, value, relevance, even good citizenship? All these things are going on which are reasons to get people to get out of their houses, to get into stores and buy more things to put on their backs.

Furthermore, in a cruel twist, fickle fashion whimsy will demand that wallets be opened wider this fall. It's the time of year that "in" designer styles combat the chill by celebrating rich, luxurious fabrics and tailoring that costs more, not less.

Women may have gotten used to recycling their warm-weather looks from past seasons -- spring and summer fashion has not changed that much, after all -- but come fall, as hemlines drop and pant-legs get wider, a shopping trip may be required.

Credit: Angela Sage, Reuters

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