Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maxi Dresses, All the Summer Rave

                 From casual to elegant
If the maxi dress had to be put into three words I would choose these three “f’s”: flirty, flowing and floor length! Celebrities from Jessica Alba to Miley Cyrus are sporting summer’s most fashionable trend. Everyone thought the maxi dress would die along the boho style of Mary-Kate and Ashley. But the maxi dress has proved its greatness when it came back into fashion for 2008 because of its fashionable casualness and easiness to wear.
“Maxi” must be an abbreviation for “maximum” since this dress offers maximum comfort and maximum comfort which is what we love about this season’s trend. The “maxi” is the perfect piece to take from day to night because of the casual fabrics the dress comes in, and the long length and pretty patterns makes it glam enough for the night. We live in our maxi dresses and believe it has become the new velour jumpsuit! Throw it on when you’re walking the dog, shopping for groceries, or for your coffee runs, its comfortable and more glamorous than any tracksuit.

It can be tricky to wear this trend without looking like a huge tent, so here are a few tips to making sure you look like a socialite and not a balloon:
  1. Make sure to find a dress that is more fitted around the chest area or an empire waist to at least some of your body some shape.
  2. If you’ve got some hips and stomach don’t pick a dress that’s too voluminous or has too much fabric because that will add to the “tent” factor.
  3. If you’re lacking in the height department make sure to find a dress that isn’t too long, fix your hemlines so you don’t lose any more inches from your petite stature.
  4. Don’t match this long flowing dress with an oversized coat or long sweater, instead opt for a cropped bolero or fitted cardigan to prevent yourself from looking too grungy.

                           Works Great on Curves

                                 Stylz are limitless

Have fun experimenting with the different ways to wear your maxi dress this season. Accessorize it with pretty necklaces, chunky bracelets or fabulous hoop earrings. You can adapt this season’s dress into any of your summer’s events so take advantage of this trend, I know I will, with my own designs!