Monday, August 11, 2014

Fashion Designer Tips With Kym Q

I think the first question for every person stepping into the field of design is " Where do I start". Not the easiest question to answer but here's a try!

1. Identify your brand objective 
2. Educate yourself 
3. Match your knowledge and resources     with action 

The most important thing you will do is make time for the producing of your product. Your beginning stage will be a large amount of personal  contribution. It's important that you time manage and discipline yourself. You will juggle so many chores to get your fashion business up and running, always keep product production as a top priority.

You are never to old to learn something new. With any craft continued education is crucial to the survival and success of business. In order to stay ahead you must set the standards, in order to set the standards you must know the formulas.

Good luck to you on your journey. Don't give up if fashion is what you really want to do. Fashion is an industry of many opportunities, design, pattern making etc are just a few avenues, learning one aspect of fashion can still be a gateway to extended fashion careers. Do your best and dress your best fashion friends!