Thursday, November 6, 2014

Las Vegas Delano hotel displays Organic Fashion Exhibit

Collection Features Styles By Pratt Institute Students Displayed Throughout Lobby on Ralph Pucci’s Iconic Mannequins Through Nov. 24 


For a limited time, a collection of unique woven pieces ranging from elegant sheaths and sweaters to artfully crafted crocheted scarves and headpieces will be displayed throughout the lobby of Delano Las Vegas. Each design flanks one of the hotel’s iconic draped white linen columns, offering a unique visual for guests and passersby.  

Credited with revolutionizing the mannequin industry in the 1970s by breaking away from traditional rigid forms, Pucci is renowned for his high-end sculpture, lighting and furniture company based in New York City and is a trustee of the esteemed Pratt Institute.

Among the diverse works from ORGANIC MATTER showcased at Delano Las Vegas are:
  • A large-gauge knit tee made of panty hose and a knit skirt with leather suspenders
  • A crocheted coat featuring a stuffed-dog doll collar
  • A caged sphere head piece and skirt with a crocheted bodysuit

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