Saturday, May 24, 2014

Celebrity Designer Kym Stylz sits in for the Sachika Twins Fashion Business Seminar

One of my own personal beliefs is in fashion you must continue to educate yourself. It's important to constantly surround yourself with other people who are positive, progressive and purposeful. 
I had the honor of meeting the Sachika Twins during Style Fashion Week this year, so the idea of following up with them for their intense fashion startup seminar seemed like a no brainer.
I was very impressed with the Seminar, and over all I honestly can say I learned a few tips and trade secrets. It was hard to see how time went by so fast. The Sachika Twins were able to serve up a tremendous amount of knowledge that kept us eager. I love their Twin  thing because they compliment each other even while teaching. 
I took a large amount of knowledge away from the Sachika Twins seminar, they are great teachers and honorable fashion leaders. I admire that they take time out to give information and share their wealth of knowledge. 
I took from that seminar that I'm moving in the right direction and pursuing my passion with purpose. I continue to be thankful for the networks and relationships I am building along the way. I encourage others in the arts and fashion to seek and share knowledge with others. We are under constant construction and the flow in creativity is constantly changing.
Stay the course and be inspired. Fashion and entrepreneurship is a journey

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