Wednesday, September 3, 2014

College Course in what to Wear

Is there really a college course on what to wear to classes to be comfy alongside wearing our opinion. Of course not silly that would be too easy. Allow me to introduce a quick crash course on campus dress etiquette ( mischievous grin insert). Just kidding guys, I'm just going to reference a few things, keep up. 

1. Please do not wear high heels everyday, have some shoe awareness. Of course it's perfectly fine to wear heels, but shoe awareness is the ability to pull off any shoe look, it's the ability to shoe shop. On the other hand try not to indulge only wearing flats, imagine that, if all you wear is heels.

2. Relax it's college not a fashion show. Be wise spending your money on items that will cross over. Coming from someone who worked in the mall, I understand how shopping can get you going! Consider stores where it's more for your money and have fun!

3. If your the fashion conscious student I was this next tips for you:
Collect get great things as you go and preserve them. I call them trinkets because they are valuable to me and timeless. Random Thrifting is the best way to find these trinkets and good luck! 

Here's a link to one of my favorite Thrifters

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